The Great Fox Illusion

“Secrets and illusions abound in this gripping adventure, the first in an enthralling new series from debut author Justyn Edwards.”
Thirteen-year-old Flick Lions has won a place on a new television show, in which young people compete to win the legacy of The Great Fox, one of the world’s most famous TV illusionists. But Flick isn’t interested in uncovering The Great Fox’s tired old tricks – she’s after something much more important. The Fox destroyed her family, and this is Flick’s only chance to put things right. Inside his house is a secret that will change the world of illusion forever, and Flick will go to any lengths to find it.
Coming soon from Walker Books, Walker Books Australia, Rizzoli Libria Italy, Éditions Robert Laffont France, De Fontein Netherlands, and W.F. Howes audiobook.
Watch closely. The Great Fox Illusion is about to begin….

Out 7th April 2022 – available for pre-order now

Praise for The Great Fox Illusion

“The first page alone was the most emotionally rewarding experience I have ever had.”
“Better than cheesecake.”
“More gripping and exciting than a week at Alton Towers. Blindfolded.”
“Just sniffing the cover changed my life.”