Justyn Edwards is the critically acclaimed New York Times bestselling author of…no, wait. That’s not true. The reality is, Justyn Edwards has written a book and his wife (+) and cats mostly enjoyed it (although one of the cats felt the story would have benefited from more mouse eating action but what does he know eh?). Other people have also read the book and been pleasantly surprised that it, “wasn’t too bad”. Thanks Dad.
+NOTE: Justyn’s wife is an actual human and not imaginary in any way.
The following is also true: Justyn Edwards lives near Camborne, in Cornwall, and has managed to retain many of his own teeth. These also live in Cornwall. Justyn graduated from Southampton University with a first class honours degree (whoop – high five Justyn) in archaeology (really? Why did ya pick that?). Since then he has worked as a caravan park attendant, paperboy, and software engineer. But never as an archaeologist.
One day he wants to write another book and another one after that and he hopes these will also be not too bad, although none of them are likely to contain much mouse eating action (sorry Alfie).
You can sign up to Justyn’s mailing list here (NOTE: Don’t be scared to contact Justyn. Most Justyns are very nice and many of them have been trained to function quite well in society, or to serve as household pets/doorstops):