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“I was hooked in from the very off and desperate to see what was going to happen – both in terms of the illusions themselves and to Flick. Through his fabulous writing and clear specialist knowledge of illusions, Justyn Edwards ensured that as before I was unable to work out how the tricks were pulled off and could not see how the plot was going to develop, making this one of my favourite books of the year so far – one I urge you to treat yourself to if you haven’t already. I have no idea as to a date for a possible Book 3 but I will most definitely be keeping an eye out for it, as I know many others will. Until then, I will continue to hope that I will be able to magically increase my shelf space somehow!”   Link to early copy review website
“A magician will try to pull the wool over your eyes and have you believe you are seeing things you are not. There’s no pulling the wool over any eyes here though as I tell you that Justyn Edwards’ sequel to The Great Fox Illusion is spectacular.
After being victorious in a televised magic contest, Flick Lions and her accomplice magician Charlie are in the Swiss town of Linth. Flick is hoping to find her father and that the Great Fox is true to his word. The Great Fox hopes to become the new chancellor of The Global Order of Magic. For them both to get what they want, Flick must pull off a seemingly impossible trick…steal a priceless necklace from the most secure bank vault in the world…
Penned with the magic wand of a master illusionist, The Great Fox Heist is another sparkling story of magic, deception and misdirection. This brilliantly original and fresh series continues apace and this time the stakes are higher, danger is lurking around every turn and nothing is as it seems in the picturesque town of Linth.
When magicians roll into town, you can be certain of one thing…trickery. And in this fast-paced, uber-slick tale Flick needs to quickly unravel what exactly is going on if she is going to pull off an impossible heist, get the answers she needs about her dad and keep the Bell System, the greatest trick of all time with the power to change the world forever, out of the wrong hands.
Brilliantly written, this thrilling, page-turning mystery will keep you guessing. Like the best illusionists Edwards holds you in the palm of his hand, completely mesmerised by what is happening and frantically trying to piece together the puzzles and clues as you work alongside Flick in a frenetic race against time to uncover the truth. This won’t be an easy task though, the book even warns you about this with its opening line, ‘This book is a trick.’
At the heart of this magnificent story is a main character who is feisty, observant, intelligent and somewhat vulnerable. Desperate for answers but unsure who to trust, Flick often goes it alone and even her prosthetic leg – that is written about sensitively and authentically – cannot slow her down. Her ever-developing friendship and connection with Charlie is another magic thread as once again  we root for the duo to pull another rabbit out of the hat and to find the truth through the lies.
If you’re a magical nerd like me who not only loves magic acts and fascinating illusions but wants to learn some of the tricks of the trade then you need to read this book. Whilst members of the esteemed Magic Circle may not be too fond of Edwards revealing closely guarded secrets I am loving it and I cannot wait to see what happens next.
Big twists, big turns and even bigger reveals! Superb entertainment value. Justyn Edwards, take a bow.”   Link to early copy review of The Great Fox Heist

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